Lowndes Fine Wines offers sophisticated retail clients fine wines which are sufficiently aged to be ready or nearly ready to drink. Most fine wines are sold out at initial release and require years of aging in perfect conditions to reach their drinking window. The availability of ready-to-drink vintages of these same wines is limited and often unreliable. We store all our wines in professional temperature controlled warehouses to protect their quality.

Astrid Woloszczuk has ten years experience in finance and management consulting at Lehman Brothers and the Boston Consulting Group.

Lowndes Wine Wines has two non-executive directors, Peter Golden and Nikolaus Woloszczuk (Chairman) and an Advisory Committee to support the directors in their assessment of sizable wine purchases.

Lowndes Fine Wines has agreed a strategic collaboration with IG Wines to collaborate in the procurement of large parcels of fine wine and to offer IG Wine’s private clients the same access to new offers of aged fine wines as Lowndes’ own client base.